Gone But Not Forgotten: Concept Review 1

Do you ever wonder just how many terabytes of unused design concepts there are in the world?  In this series we’ll take an old project off the tape drive, dust it off, and post for you to review in all it’s glory. When you review old concepts you’re likely to come across some really bad ones. Ones that you find yourself saying “what were we thinking”.  You’ll come across some you thought the client should have chosen but in hindsight you realize didn’t quite work. And lastly, you’ll come across a few that still look good and maybe even offer inspiration for a current project… these are worth studying because something about the concept is proving to be timeless.

For this series though, we’re not going to make the judgement of whether something is  good,  bad, ugly, or timeless. We’re just going to put it out there and help unload a few megabytes of those unused terabytes.

For this entry we went back 10 years to one of our very first projects. All the way back to flip phones. Literally.  There’s probably designers out there that never even owned a flip phone but at one point they were they were the hottest devices on the market.  So hot in fact, we had a project creating youth-oriented stickers to “reskin” and personalize your flip phone.  Apparently at the time, either we or the client had a thing for skulls…



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