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Click Through Rates are Less than .1%, Time for Print?

Click-Through Rates Are a Fraction of a Percent

If you haven’t been promised the world through digital ad spending you’ve been hiding in under a rock. The past decade has seen explosive growth in the amount spent for online advertising with 2016 coming in around 72 billion dollars.  Yes, take that number in, 72 billion dollars spent on tiny flashing animated gifs. That number is expected to grow to 82 billion in 2017 surpassing TV advertising for the first time and climb to over 100 billion in 2019 (source). You may or may not be surprised to hear that as spending has gone up, effectiveness has gone down.  According to Time click-through rates are now averaging less than .1% and the industry has even started tossing around the term ‘banner blindness’ to describe a user’s ability to completely ignore online ads (source).

Spending on Web Advertising is Losing Effectiveness

The combination of spending and the lack of effectiveness raises a question – if all your competitors are going right, maybe you should go left.  It might be time to consider a different medium. Maybe Spotify or Pandora Radio Ads, highly targeted Podcast ads, or even a throwback to that ancient artform of Print media. What if a potential vendor handed you a physical brochure at your next meeting?  Would you flip through it? You probably would.  In fact, it would hang out in your bag or on your desk for a few weeks where you’d thumb through it and consider it’s content. Whether you just flip through it or you hem and haw over it for a few weeks it adds up to more impressions and more time spent with those products than any online ad could ever offer.

Online Companies are Going Offline

It should be no surprise then that online companies are looking to the physical world as channels to grow their business – even is now opening physical stores. We saw this first hand working on the brochure for Yes, there is a certain irony in a .com sending out a physical catalog but they just might be on to something.