Man Shouts Into Old Fashioned Tin Can

Don’t Give Feedback This Way, Try This Instead.

Don’t interject your personal opinion into the feedback. 

Just because you don’t ‘like’ the color purple doesn’t mean it isn’t right for the consumer.

Try to think about what colors matter to the consumer or what colors would stand out in your industry.

Don’t make the feature copy overly long and complicated or frustratingly simple.

What’s the right amount of copy or bullets?  Depends. Sure Apple can get away an iPhone add featuring little or no text – why?  Because everyone knows what an iPhone is and what it does.  Does that mean you should have a paragraph and 15 bullets for your widget?  No. The right amount of copy is the exact amount it takes to communicate your message to the consumer.

Try running the feedback past an outsider to see what they’re interpretation is.

Don’t add features and bullet points unless they’re a benefit to the consumer.

Whenever we see feedback adding the bullet point “stylish design” I cringe. It’s like the company is trying to talk the consumer into something or they can’t think of enough ‘real’ features to highlight. If you have to say it, it probably isn’t true.

Try highlighting the awesome design of your product with some awesome photography.

Don’t get stuck thinking inside the context of your company’s bubble.

Often times we see copy edits highlighting something a typical consumer outside of the industry wouldn’t understand.

Try repositioning it in a way that communicates the value to the consumer.

Don’t make a change that doesn’t benefit the consumer.

If the answer is no, you should take a close look at why you’re asking for the change.

Try to put yourself in the consumer’s position and think about what would matter to them.

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